Videos - Tutorials
Introducing theScreener CIO
Radically Different Financial Information for Asset Managers theScreener CIO.
How to benefit from an upgraded sector
Understand how to identify recently upgraded sectors and then drill down into those sectors to find the most interesting investment ideas. Understand how the underlying stocks perform against the component parts of theScreener model.
How to benefit from watchlists
We show you how to monitor and analyse your holdings using our watchlist alerts and charting tools. Our alerts provide you with timely information on recent downgrades to your holdings. Use our analytics to understand the risk profile of your portfolio and identify alternative investment ideas.
How to create watchlists
Watchlists are a useful tool to create shortlists of investment ideas so you can analyse and monitor them in the future. We show you how to create and edit watchlists in a number of ways, including by uploading a .csv file and outputting a list of securities created within the Stocks Screener.
How to identify promising industries
Identify the best Industries and drill down into the underlying stocks to identify the best security investment using two quick and easy approaches.
How to search for specific companies and on key words
Identify companies quickly using our search, deep search and comparison functionality. Identify companies associated with specific keywords to accommodate more open-ended investment strategies. Compare and analyse a list of securities in one screen using charting and reporting functionality.
How to use basic charting functions
At a click of a button, you can add in basic functions, such as technical reverse, volatility channels and dividend history. Once you have configured your charts, theScreener CIO automatically remembers your setting.
How to use advanced charting functions
Using the additional charting option, you can pull in a host of different indicators, such as Global Evaluation, LT P/E, LT Growth, Sensitivity and % of stocks in Uptrend. These indicators are available not only for stocks, but also for different markets, industries, funds/ETFs and indices.
How to compare securities with other investment options
Using the compare functionality in chats, you can compare a specific security with other securities, industries, indices and benchmarks. At a click of a button, you can also convert all pricing information into a common base currency.
How to set up alerts
By using alerts you are warned of any changes (such as downgrades) to your watchlists and portfolios automatically via email. Be alerted to downgrades and stay ahead of the curve by receiving alerts on any recently upgraded investments bases on a range of different criteria, including global evaluation.
How to run alerts historically
Once you have created an alert you can run it back in time so you can check, for example, if you have missed any important upgrades or downgrades whilst out of the office.
Funds / ETFs
How to find promising funds to invest in
Search for funds using a top down approach: first identifying promising asset classes and then drilling down into the underlying funds. Focus in on the most relevant funds, using different criteria, including global evaluation and authorised countries.